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Some good news is that our clients are finally allowed back into the practice with their pets. Due to the confined space of the consultation rooms, we are allowing only one person per pet or pets into the building and face masks are still mandatory. Our reception team of Janice, Karen and Sharon have done a wonderful job of managing the waiting room and they clearly have bags of patience. All those new owners who acquired their pets during the pandemic now have a chance to see inside and meet the team face to face (with masks!)



This year has dragged by and we thought we had escaped the COVID-19 virus. A neighbouring practice had to temporarily close for 10 days last month as their staff were affected. After coping with the extra load of their emergencies on on top of our daily work we were just getting back to normal when sadly the virus struck some of our staff and their families. Track and Trace enforcement measures have meant strict isolation for many of us, leaving just a small number of our team to work long hours to keep the surgery open.
They have coped fantastically well under very trying and stressful times. Our clients have been very understanding as we have had to postpone a number of non-urgent visits and operations. We will hopefully be back to some sort of normal soon!

We have had some personalised masks made with our new logo. 
Masks are now accepted as daily wear at work and fortunately as pets read our expressions through our eyes rather than our mouths, wearing them has not affected our relationship with the pets we treat. Actually it has been a benefit when we have had to deal with some very smelly problems!

One happy story this month is about a little 6 week old stray kitten that was rushed to our surgery as he was fitting. Some sort of poisoning was suspected (maybe an inappropriate dog flea treatment) and he was continuously fitting and getting weaker. When he arrived at the clinic it looked like he was dying before our eyes. Our nurses immediately sprung into action and had him on a drip, checked his blood sugar level and gave him intensive care treatment. The vet administered a drug to stop the seizures and medicine to help with his breathing as his lungs appeared to be filling with fluid. He remained in a coma for most of the night until about 3am when he started to wake slowly and purr very loudly. By breakfast time he was up and about. This was certainly one or two of his nine lives used up. Later the following day he was eating well and chasing toys and we all fell in love with him. So much so, one of our nurses has adopted him and he is now called Milo! The liveliest, naughtiest kitten you can imagine. Well done Milo, we love you xx



We are still doing our best to keep pets happy and healthy whilst protecting our staff and clients from the Corona Virus. 
Pets continue to be examined and treated as their owners wait safely outside our building. This has not proved as difficult as we initially feared as regards how we handle your pets. But was has become a lot more difficult and needs extra time is the communication between us and our clients. Explaining everything telephonically can be challenging. We are often told over the phone that "my pet has a small lump on her left shoulder" and after searching in vain we finally find something on the pet's right hand side near its tummy (one was when the lump was actually just a nipple)! We can't wait for the end of this awful pandemic.

We have seen many new puppies this year - the term "Lockdown puppy" is applicable for some, especially those first time dog owners. We all know how much love and happiness a pet can bring and in these stressful times it's lovely to think that pets are still so important in our lives.  Prices of puppies have shot through the roof as demand is so high. But one good thing as they are so expensive, many people are getting their pets insured. This means that if ever they are unlucky enough to be ill or injured, we can offer a full range of services to help these pets recover as quickly as possible. 

Stay safe everyone.




This is a strange Easter for us all during the Coronavirus pandemic

Everyone is urged to follow the stay-at-home advice and save lives and the NHS. We are still here to help your pets - we can give advice over the phone and dispense treatment as and when necessary. If your pet does need to be seen, we have a very good procedure for taking your pet into our building so that you can safely maintain your social distancing from us.

Euthanasia is the thing that all pet owners dread. Many people choose to be with their pet when this is carried out by our staff. Social distancing has made it tricky for us but we have developed a new protocol that keeps us and you safe if your pet needs to be put to sleep during this crisis. Rest assured if this needs to be done, we should be able to accommodate you and your pet so that you can be together at this sad time.



24th MARCH 2020

We are now taking even stricter precautions to maintain social distancing between our clients and our staff.
This means no pet owners are allowed into our building while we examine or treat their pet.
We are asking people to call when they arrive and then their pet is taken from them into our building. 

Our team is seeing any urgent or emergency cases and this will include pets on existing medication where their condition needs veterinary monitoring eg Diabetes.

We are still able to perform diagnostic work (blood tests, Xrays etc) as well as essential operations.
We are also sending out medication essential for keeping pets healthy - either via the postal service or on a call and collect basis.
Contact the surgery on 01322346173 if you feel your pet needs anything.

Our staff have been split into smaller teams to share the burden meaning sometimes longer and busier days but it means we are able to reduce the amount of staff in our building at any given time. Hopefully we remain unaffected by the virus and keep our service going.

Stay safe everyone!



22nd March 2020

We are taking measures to keep our staff and our clients safe whilst we continue to provide for the pets under our care.
Social distancing means that we are allowing only one person per pet into the clinic at the moment and are conducting consultations at a distance from you the owner. We will take your pet's history in the consulting room, maintaining the necessary distance while you remain seated. We will then examine your pet in the room next door away from you and administer any treatment before returning your pet to you. This minimises the time and maximises the distance that the virus needs to spread.

Repeat prescriptions will be posted to avoid unnecessary journeys. For urgent supplies we will provide a call and collect facility from the clinic. We are avoiding cash payments and are processing card payments remotely (not necessary for you to enter your pin onto our card machine).

We will do our best to stay open and be there when you need us.



January 2020 UPDATE

Coming soon - we will be having a new improved website launching this spring!
The website is currently under construction and will be much easier for all to use.


January 2019 UPDATE

Another new year has started. We start this year with warm welcomes back but also a sad farewell. 

One of our receptionists of many years, Dawn has moved on to pastures new (well Essex actually) but two of our vets, Anna Russell and Ceel Gould both return from maternity leave and are already back in the thick of it. Nappie changing is replaced by the more pleasant temperature taking and expressing anal glands! Seriously we are happy to have them back and would like to thank Mel Saalfeld for her excellent maternity cover for virtually the whole of 2018.

For the last few months we have been experimenting with a new FREE smartphone app and we are very pleased to see many of our clients are now benefiting from it. Once the app is on your phone it will allow you to call us directly, make appointments, request repeat prescriptions, order special food and send us messages and photos of your pets and much more. It also enables us to send you live updates with photos if your pet is an in-patient. It's so nice to get a photo of your pet waking after surgery showing that they are being well-looked after. The app is called MyBuddy PetApp and is free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Whether you love or hate smartphones, there's no denying we can't live without them now!

The app has lots of info on pet health care and very useful in keeping all your pet's information in one place.

Click here to send us an email for the code that will link the app to our surgery and also some tips on how to get the most out of the app. For those of you without smartphones, rest assured, the app is not to replace our receptionists and the way we already communicate with our clients. The app will give our clients and us more communication options when it's not convenient to make or take a phone call. If you haven't got it on your phone, why don't you try it - it's free and can be deleted if you don't find it useful.

For more info you can see the website for the app at



SUMMER 2018 Update

Summer is nearly here and we are already having some very warm days. Unfortunately we have already had a case of heat stroke where it was touch and go whether the poorly dog would survive. Heat stroke can happen so easily especially if it's a warm day and a pet is a little overweight or has some pre-existing breathing difficulties. It doesn't take much for them to overheat. The first thing is to try calm and cool your pet as quickly as possible and phone us for advice. True heatstroke is always a veterinary emergency and will need an immediate visit to the surgery. Pets will often need to go on a drip and need oxygen via a mask or oxygen tent. 

When it's hot we should keep our pets in the shade if possible and provide plenty of cool water. Don't exercise dogs during the heat of the day and take plenty of breaks when it's very hot.

Another summer hazard for pets is SUN BURN! Yes, especially white cats or cats with white ears. They often get very sore ears after being out too long when the sun is strong. Unfortunately this often leads to skin cancer when the cat is older. We have seen many cats over the years that have had to have part or the whole of the ear removed to rid them of a cancerous growth on the ear tip.  Trying to keep a cat out of the sun can be tricky but if your cat is determined to go out in the middle of the day, sunscreen with a high factor rubbed into your cat's ears can be effective in preventing sun damage to the skin. Not many cats will wear a hat!

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January 2018 Update

So it's the start of the new year and thankfully we did not see too many cases of chocolate poisoning over Christmas! 

Pet Care has always been able to offer that one thing that all pet owners like - consistency in their pets' treatment. Being able to see the same member of the team each time helps build up relationships of trust. This is because we have such a low turnover of staff - in fact the only members of staff to leave (and usually come back!) in the last few years have been because of pregnancy and babies!! Luckily our team has proven very flexible and working part time has helped mums who want to return to work.

This year we will try again focus on preventive health care. We feel it is our responsibility to try prevent problems rather than trying just to "fix" them. Annual health checks for all pets are advised and we notify when these are due. Like in humans, many pets have gained some weight over Christmas and the health beni fits of weight loss can't be stressed enough. Our nurses run free weight loss & control clinics and advise on the right diet and amount of food for your pet.

We are proud to announce that members of staff have been nominated in the 2018 PetPlan Vet awards. Alberta Michieletto and Kevin Castle for Vet of the Year and Kirstie Staggs as Vet Nurse of the Year. We wish them the best of luck when the results are announced later this year.

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Let's make 2018 a good year for our pets. 


December 2017 Update

Well, 2017 has just flown by and it's the end of the year already.

Pet Care Veterinary Surgery would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Happy 2018.

We strive to give the most kind, honest and knowledgeable service to the pets and pet owners we see. As one of the few independent surgeries left not belonging to a chain or group of practices, we are able to choose treatment options that we believe are the best for your pets. We are not dictated to by shareholders or managers who decree what is best for the profit margin of the company. This is one of the main reasons why we find our work so rewarding being part of the Pet Care team and are so happy that we chose to work with animals. 

Profits are invested into the practice and this year we installed state of the art Urine lab equipment as well as a complete new digital X-ray system, just for dental X-rays.


June 2017 Update

Summer is here and it's been hot hot! Our pets are affected by the weather just like we are and generally they enjoy the warm weather. Cats will often spend more time outdoors and dog walking is a lot more pleasant when the weather is good!

Local and national press have been warning pet owners of the dangers of pets overheating during hot weather spells. But we still hear of people leaving dogs in locked cars, walking dogs on burning pavements and people exercising dogs in the heat of the day until they collapse with heat stroke. It's not hard to remember that it gets very hot in parked cars and surfaces can burn our bare feet when the sun is beaming down.

Heat stroke is often fatal as it causes severe damage to all organs and especially the brain. There is nothing more upsetting than losing a life to an easily preventable condition

Pet Care Veterinary Surgery is a very fertile place. Two of our staff are off on maternity leave and we welcome Melanie Colvin RVN back after a 6 year maternity break.

We were very sorry to lose Melanie all those years ago and are now very happy to have her back where we think she belongs! She is a pet lover like the rest of us and loves helping all animals.  We have had very few staff changes over the last 6 years and it has been easy for Melanie to slip back into the team that she knew from before. However protocols are continuously updated and improved as we learn more and technology has progressed rapidly. New patient monitors, laboratory machines and computer programs that we regularly use all need to be mastered but we are confident that Melanie will be back working and maintaining the high standards as she did before.

The picture shows Melanie with a stray dog that we managed to reunite with its owner. See our Facebook page for more details on this and other stories.


March 2017 Update

Pet Care continues to maintain its high standards that our clients have come to expect.We have recently invested in a brand new state-of-the-art laboratory machine that analyses urine samples within minutes. It is called a Sedi-Vue analyser. Not only does it read a urine test strip and tell us whether there's any signs of things like diabetes, infection, kidney disease or blood but it also examines the sample microscopically helping to identify bacteria, crystals and different types of cells. It takes about 40 images of each sample which can be stored on patients' files - or even emailed to their owners!  Processing urine samples was always a bit of a chore and used to take us ages and often results could be ambiguous or subjective. We would often need to send samples off to the big laboratory for further testing which would take 24-48 hours. Now we have results within minutes in black and white! This means we can treat problems a lot sooner before they have a chance to deteriorate.

Our continued investment in our technical equipment means that we will have timely and reliable results to share with our clients.


We also welcome two new members of staff.
Jess Ashby (left), a registered veterinary nurse (RVN), who has worked as a locum nurse at
many practices in and around London. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Pet Care and has fitted in really well.
Carly Draper (right), a student veterinary nurse, has started to train as a nurse this year at the College of Animal Welfare in Potter's Bar. She attends college one day a week and is with us learning the ropes for the rest of the time.
Kirstie Staggs RVN has just become a Clinical Coach and will be taking Carly under her wing for the duration of her studies.

We have recently acquired the services of a Veterinary Orthopaedic Surgeon. This has meant that some of our patients have been able to have complex bone and joint operations performed at our surgery instead of having to travel miles to referral centres in places like Surrey and Hertfordshire. Not only does this mean cost savings for owners but also is less stressful for animals that aren't too keen on long journeys in the car!

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October 2016 Update

Well, 2016 seems to be flying by and we'll soon be in the winter months again.

Staff at Pet Care have been busy as usual helping everyone's pets to stay fit and healthy. Not everybody knows but each vet and veterinary nurse has to maintain their qualifications and right to practice by completing a set amount of further education every year. Our professional body, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, keeps a check on this and audits our records annually.Vets are expected to do a minimum of 35 hours and nurses 15 hours each year. This is often as courses, seminars and conferences on our days "off" - a full day usually qualifies for about 6 hours. The surgery will provide the funds for this - another reason why those consultation fees seem to rise every couple of years! This is called CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and as all our vets and veterinary nurses are up to date, we can keep the standards high at Pet Care.

Some of the recent topics in the last 3 months covered are: general anaesthesia, ear diseases, arthritis, laboratory work and antibiotic use. You would think after studying for so long that vets and nurses would have had enough of it but you'd be wrong. We are all motivated by finding out more - people with enquiring minds are drawn to our profession!

If you follow our Facebook page you will have seen recently that through people sharing our post about a lost dog, we were able to reunite anxious owner and lost dog - a happy ending. But please remember it is now law that all dogs MUST be microchipped and this one had slipped through the net, the owner had been intending to do it but had never got round to doing it. Placing a chip is a simple thing to do and it is not expensive. We routinely scan all dogs when they come in for examination and can check owner details if the pet or owner is unknown to us. Check out the story on our Facebook page HERE


March 2016 Update

Pet Care is proud to be part of WORLD SPAY DAY for cats this year. On behalf of the local branch of The Cats' Protection we are holding a day of spaying and neutering of cats for anyone with any financial concerns on the 3rd April. It will cost £15 for females and £10 for males. To book your cat or a friend's cat please call the surgery or email us.

Babesiosis is a blood disease caused by a parasite transmitted by tick bites. It affects all types of dogs and leads to severe anaemia and is usually fatal if untreated. This disease until recently was seen only in parts of mainland Europe but recently 4 dogs in Essex contracted the disease and one of them died. None of the dogs had traveled abroad and it is suspected that ticks have somehow traveled to the UK either on imported dogs or possibly vehicles that have carried livestock. We are now advising dogs to take precautions against ticks especially as spring and summer are on the way, times when ticks are very active. There are good tick preventive products that can safely be used together with other products for lungworm etc. Please contact us and we can advise what is best for your dog


January 2016 Update

Pet Care has started the year as busy as ever and we are all looking forward to continuing the good work we've done in the past.

One of our long-standing clients, Kay Rickwood, donated a brand new hospital board designed just for Pet Care Veterinary Surgery. Her kind gesture was in memory of the care that her cat Bob, a big ginger boy, had received over his many years with her.

We had a ceremony at the surgery where Kay cut the ribbon and the board is now in daily use. Thanks again Kay for your generous gift and "Bob's Board" is still looking as smart as ever. A fitting tribute to another wonderful cat.

Since the last update Kevin Castle has had a 5 month sabbatical break and went traveling across the globe with his wife. Road trips in Canada and the USA were followed by backpacking through Central America and finally a few weeks in South Africa with family. He has returned fit and healthy (don't ask about the tattoo!) and is already back in the swing of things.

Whilst he was away, the rest of the staff also have made some changes. Lisa Rice is now a proud busy mum of a beautiful baby girl and we are hoping to see her back after her maternity leave. Ceel Gould has just left on maternity leave and we all wish her the best of luck with her time off and the birth (watch this space as we don't know if it's going to be a boy or girl!)

Kirstie Staggs
has passed her final veterinary nurse exams and is now a fully qualified veterinary nurse.
Well done Kirstie and you can bear the title Registered Veterinary Nurse with pride, you've earned it.

Some more good news, Alberta Michieletto, who ably filled in for Kevin whilst he was away, has decided to stay with us permanently. We are very lucky to have her as she is a very experienced and extremely dedicated veterinary surgeon. As well as achieving the Certificate in Small Animal Medicine, she is also one of few vets in the UK that are listed as Advanced Practitioners by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. In the words of the College : The list provides a clear indication to the profession and the public of those veterinary surgeons who we have accredited at postgraduate certificate level (Masters level 7), and who have not only demonstrated knowledge and experience in a particular area of veterinary practice beyond their initial primary veterinary degree, but who have also confirmed that they continue to be up to date in their field over and above our minimum requirements for continuing professional development (CPD). A link to this list is here

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August 2015 Update

We have a fantastic new mural thanks to the gifted pupils of Trinity Church of England School, Belvedere, Kent. It has added bright colours to the high street.

Kevin Castle, the owner of the surgery, started and funded the art project at the school where the pupils designed and created the mural during the school year. The pupils took great pride, some of them including portraits of their own pets, and enthusiastically embraced the challenge. Their design shows pets superimposed on a background of some of London’s iconic buildings. The pupils’ work was supervised by their art teacher, Mrs Tina Tsang, who was present with the pupils at the unveiling of the mural.

Kevin said “I wanted to encourage the pupils to take part in a project that would leave a legacy, showing their positive involvement in the local community. The comments from our clients and passers-by have all been full of admiration for the school’s work.” 

The surgery has been open for 31 years and is a regular choice for many students when it comes to work experience placements. The practice has 3 full time veterinary surgeons, 5 registered veterinary nurses and 2 student nurses as well as reception and other practice staff and prides itself in being an integral part of the local community. Due to the fantastic support the surgery has received from its loyal clients over the years, Kevin felt it was time to offer something back to the London borough of Bexley.



February 2015 Update

Time flies! It'll soon be spring and we will welcome the longer days and lighter evenings.

Pet Care Veterinary Surgery is looking forward to Wednesday 22nd April 2015 when the winners of the Pet Plan Awards for Vet of the Year and Vet Practice of the Year will be announced. We are in the running again this year, thanks to our wonderful clients who nominated us for these prestigious awards. Maybe this year we will win? Here some of the staff, Lisa Rice, Louise Howells and Kevin Castle (and some patients!) proudly show our nominations. Fingers crossed........

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Winter 2014 Update - Brrrr, Goodbye and Hello!

Winter is coming and our pets will be spending more time indoors as a result of the cold weather. If your pet is less active over the winter months then don't forget you must cut back a little on their daily food otherwise there will be an unwelcome weight gain over Christmas. Fat pets are not healthy! It's easier to prevent weight gain than trying to shed excess pounds!

We say hello and goodbye to staff members. Vet Nathalie Helmore, after 4 years of wonderful service, has relocated to Cheltenham to be closer to family and we wish her all the best for the future. Our new vet is Ceel Gould who brings years of experience to the job. We hope her cheery personality and her knowledge and caring manner will show our clients that Pet Care Veterinary Surgery is maintaining the standard that we have set in the past.

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We'd love to see it on our website.


Summer 2014 Update - New Staff and Happy 30th Birthday

Pet Care has grown some more! We say welcome to two new members of staff: Mary Wearn and Dawn Calloway.

Mary is an experienced registered veterinary nurse who brings her knowledge and love for animals to Pet Care. Her job is to be an important part of our nursing team that provides the excellent care we are known for.

Dawn returns to Pet Care after some years away, bringing back her cheery smiles and laughs to the reception desk. Efficiency, kindness and compassion are what she provides! The total number of Pet Care staff is now 18, the most it has ever been. This has helped us maintain and constantly improve our reputation as being the vets people can trust with their pets. More staff means better individual animal care which gives great job satisfaction and keeps the team's morale at an all time high. We all love our work and are so lucky to be working in this fantastic profession. How many people can say that they get to see puppies and kittens on a regular basis in their jobs?

Celebrations in July as Pet Care celebrates 30 YEARS of providing pet care in Erith. After starting as a one vet, one nurse and one receptionist practice all those years ago, we have grown into a successful 21st century practice. We have constantly kept up to date with our knowledge and also have some of the most modern equipment available. To those clients that have been with us for all that time (you know who you are), we say thank you for your loyalty and trust in us. To those that have joined us more recently, we say thank you too and we promise to honour our pledge to be your pets' best vets.

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Spring 2014 Update

Everyone is hoping for a some warmer weather since all the rain has eased off. This will encourage those lazy pets to get out more!
Many of them are in need of more exercise after spending so much of the winter indoors. Those extra pounds or kilos have got to go. Getting fitter and keeping fit apply equally to us and our animal friends. Regular exercise is likely to bring good health and help prevent conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and obesity. If only people stuck to their New Year's Resolutions.....

All vets and vet nurses have to keep up to date with current info and news. Their studies don't stop when they qualify after all those years at university or college.  To maintain their registration they have to undertake many hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) every year. Nurses must prove they have completed 15 hours of extra study every year and it's 35 hours for vets. This can be by attending seminars, study workshops, congresses etc. A few of these are held at our surgery but many involve us traveling, the furthest this year being in Birmingham. So far some of the subjects covered this year have included Parasites that traveling pets can pick up abroad, Causes and treatment of seizures, Pain assessment and its control. Pet Care supports all staff in their continuing studies so that the surgery can offer its clients the most up to date treatments and advice. Pet owners respect staff with experience but also like to know that this experience continues to evolve and grow with the addition of current trends and advances in veterinary science.

We have a new email address dedicated to requests for repeat prescriptions. It is 
This will be easier and quicker for many clients, allowing for requests to be made at times to suit them rather than having to phone us during their working hours. The prescription can still take up to 2 working days to be processed as occasionally there are medicines or products that are not held at the surgery. All repeat prescriptions are carried out by one of the vets after carefully checking a pet's records to make sure there are no issues of over- or under-dosing and whether side-effects or other health issues could be occurring. Pets on long-term medication such as for arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes etc do require regular check ups to make sure treatment is satisfactory.

And finally a photo after a recent caesarian section on a Chihuahua...
Which colour do you like best? If you have a good picture of your pet, why don't you share it with us? Send it to
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Winter 2014 Update

When is it going to stop raining? It's so wet outdoors that it can become a major mission to get our pets outside and back in. Muddy footprints everywhere!

Many cats that don't normally need litter trays are having to have them once again. This is the best way to prevent "accidents" indoors. Cats will sometimes hold themselves for too long to avoid getting wet outdoors. This can trigger cystitis or bladder infection which is distressing and painful.

There are so many puddles constantly around and this provides ideal conditions for the spread of Weil's Disease (also called Leptospirosis). This horrible germ is spread from RATS by their urine or droppings and contaminates water where rats live or pass through. Riverbanks, sewers, gutters and edges of most standing water are prime locations to contract it. The disease can infect humans and dogs and can spread from one to the other. We are expecting a rise in the incidence of this disease and we urge all dog owners to make sure their dogs are up to date with their vaccinations. In fact this year there are 2 new strains of the germ included in the primary and booster vaccines and we are hoping that this will help prevent a rise in cases of Weil's disease. The germ affects many parts of the body and causes serious illness in dogs. It damages the liver and the kidneys and can be fatal as by the time it is diagnosed, kidney failure may have occurred already.

Phone 01322 346173 or email us at to check whether your dog is up to date with the Leptospirosis vaccinations.

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Roll on summer!


Summer 2013 Update

Pet Care Veterinary Surgery is as busy as ever. Just the other day we had a new client register who is the granddaughter of one of our long-standing clients. Her parents and her mother's parents are all now registered with us. We are proud to have such a good reputation that generations of our clients are happy to come to us, meaning the service we provide is as good now as it has ever been. This is the thing that makes us different from other practices - we have a very good record, are very experienced and so many people trust us with their pets. Personal recommendation has always been the main way new clients find us and we aim to never let them down.

We have replaced our laboratory blood testing machines with new state of the art equipment.They are connected via the internet to a central large laboratory too. This means we have access to results very quickly - within minutes. This means that in emergencies we can treat pets immediately rather than wait for samples to be couriered by road to the laboratory. This can sometimes make a huge difference in how quickly animals get better.

Staff news is that Marius Holban who has finished his nurse studies has moved onto a veterinary training hospital where he wants to specialise in medical nursing. We wish him well for the future and we are happy to welcome Johnathan Prior, another experienced qualified veterinary nurse, to our team. Johnathan is already fitting in well and we are soon to meet some of his tortoises and his Dachshund (sausage dog!)

We are still running our Refer A Friend scheme for new clients. If you are a client of ours and you have a friend who needs veterinary care for one of their pets then recommend them to us. When we see them you will receive a credit towards your next visit to us and they will also receive a credit when they are seen. Similarly if you are not yet a client of ours but know someone who is, then get them to refer you to us and save yourself some money and reward your friend at the same time!  Don't worry, if you would like us to see your pet for the first time but do not know any of our existing clients, we would still be very happy to welcome you with a money-off saving on your first visit to us. Contact us for more details at:


February 2013 Update

Our super nurses have now just got even better!  If your pet needs something like a simple nail clipping or a dental check or the dreaded emptying of anal glands, Pet Care can offer you an appointment for your pet with any one of our nurses for this.

Our nurses can now routinely perform these procedures at a fraction of the cost that would normally be charged when it's performed by the veterinary surgeon. Similar procedures that our nurses are capable of doing are post-op checks, dressing changes, blood pressure monitoring, diabetes check ups and weight clinics. They can also give advice on Flea and Worm prevention and are all knowledgeable about what diets are best for your pet, especially if they have any health issues.

Our nurses are determined to get any overweight pets back into shape and want to help any owners struggling to do this. Our nurses run FREE WEIGHT LOSS CLINICS for portly pooches and comfy cats and will guide owners and their pets to a much healthier and happier future with an individually tailored weight loss diet program. Obese pets are becoming more and more common and many of our clients don't realise that they are slowly killing their pets with kindness by overfeeding on a regular basis. The nurse will show what signs to look for to tell whether a pet is overweight and is able to set a realistic target weight to aim for. The diet program will advise not only what foods to feed but also exactly how much to feed.

To make an appointment with a nurse please call the surgery or send us an email at :


Winter 2012/2013 Update

Well winter has finally arrived with freezing temperatures. Our pets need special care at this time of year.

Last winter we saw a number of dogs with infected feet after contracting a nasty paw dermatitis caused by heavy salting and gritting of pavements. To avoid this make sure you wash or wipe down your dog's feet after a walk to remove the salt residue from the delicate areas between the toes. When it's icy make sure you have good soled footwear as a sharp pull from your dog's lead can send you tumbling with painful consequences.

Cats are usually more resilient in the cold and many choose to stay in when it's too cold or wet. But this can actually bring on problems. If your cat mainly drinks and also toilets outside then you may need to provide an extra water bowl and a litter tray indoors when it's snowing or exceptionally cold. Cold snaps often trigger cystitis (bladder infection) as cats don't drink enough water and are reluctant to go and empty their bladders outside. Not drinking and not passing urine frequently enough results in a very full bladder with very concentrated or strong urine. Bladder stones form and this causes a lot of pain and can actually cause a blockage in male cats with sometimes fatal results. If your cat has been prone to this condition we can recommend various diets which help them to prevent the bladder stones forming.

Christmas and New Year are times when many of us over-indulge. This often spills over to our pets and too many treats are given. Chocolate, and especially dark chocolate, can be toxic to dogs. Every year we get frantic phone calls about someone's dog that has managed to "steal" a box of chocolates. Depending on the amount eaten (actually quite a small amount for a small dog) a dog can suffer serious illness and some have even died from heart failure after a chocolate binge. Make sure chocolates are kept out of reach of dogs - in a drawer or in a cupboard is best as dog's don't mind chewing through wrappers or foil to finish off a tasty slab!

Weight loss is a common New Year's Resolution for our pets. Let's stick to it in 2013. Too many pets are overweight. If you have a heavy hound, a comfy cat or a rotund rabbit you'll be doing them a massive favour by being stricter with their diet. Our vets are kept busy treating so many health problems that are directly a result of pets being overweight. Slim pets are healthier, live longer and go far less to the v-e-t! Our vets and nurses are trained to advise you on the best diets and quantities for your pet.

Autumn 2012 Update

Congratulations to one of our nurses, Lisa Bennett. She has passed her final exams and is now a fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN). Lisa did very well and passed at her first attempt due to her hard work and dedication. She has put in years of study, completed hundreds of assignments and essays, performed countless practicals and can now wear her red and silver badge with pride.

Praise also to Alison Judge RVN, who is the clinical coach of our student veterinary nurses. She acts as their supervisor, mentor and colleague at the same time. She makes sure they complete their in-house training correctly and on time together with their work at the nursing college. All of us at Pet Care Veterinary Surgery are grateful that Alison gives up so much of her time to help our students get through their studies and achieve success.

Fleas have made a resurgence this year. After a fairly wet summer we are now seeing heavily infested dogs and cats. We currently have a special offer until the end of the year for 20% off a 6 month flea control injection for cats. It is completely safe and works fantastically well. Call into the surgery for this .


Summer 2012 Update

This summer was an amazing time for us in the south-east. We all caught the Olympics bug especially after the Olympic torch made it's way right past the front of the surgery on a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon. We were all there to cheer it on. It made its way up from Erith centre, through Northumberland Heath, Barnehurst, Bexley and finished in Bexleyheath.

Janice Thompson and Kevin Castle were "volunteered" into some sporting fundraising activity and performed a sponsored sphering session. This involves climbing into a huge plastic bouncy ball, being strapped to the inside of it and then the ball is pushed down a hill! It is one of the most unpleasant experiences they had ever had. The picture was taken before the experience. Afterwards they were a little whiter and disheveled. Fortunately it was all for a good cause and they managed to raise over £600 which was split between the local branch of the Cats' Protection and New Hope Animal Rescue. Check out the video on this link:


22nd May 2011 New Website

Welcome to our website. Have a look around and see what Pet Care can offer.